Frequently asked questions

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Why purchase Border Hardwood?

With being one of the last remaining European Oak Specialists, what makes us different, is our unique personal experience with working in the industry for many generations, especially dealing with the European Oak market. Partnered with our vast knowledge and customer service, Border Hardwood is your only destination for European Oak.

How do I order my Oak?

We work very closely within the industry ensuring mistakes are limited, Whether you prefer to email, Fax or speak to someone in person, please do not hesitate to get in touch, we are here to help.

What Oak do I need?

Oak is a very versatile and durable product, but choosing the correct type of Oak is crucial. Browsing our website will give you a good insight to what products we offer and which products are right for you. If unsure, give us a call, one of our experts are always on hand to help.

What grade do I need?

Once you know which timber you require, but not sure which grade you need, again we are here to help, you will find a useful tool on our website which explains the grading in great detail, whether your asked for a certain grade by an architect, or looking for something characterful, we cover all aspects of the grading scale for your convenience.

Environmental Credentials

Border Hardwood is PEFC Certified. With two-thirds of the world’s certified forest managed in compliance with PEFC’s Sustainability Benchmark, PEFC offers the widest supply of certified timber globally, providing companies like ourselves with choice and availability. Most of the European Oak used in the UK is mainly brought from France due to the commitment of commercial farming of their crops, making it both ecological and economically sustainable.