Commitment to sustainable business practices

 Sustainable business practices are important to us here at Border Hardwood and we aim towards keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible. We hold two accreditations with both the PEFC ™and the FSC® that certifies the sustainable sourcing of our timber.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the high quality of the timber we source; it extends through all of our business practices and through to the daily running of the timber yard. This is important to the ethos of the business. We make sure that we care for the environment that we source our timber from, ensuring the longevity of the trade. 

 We use rainwater harvesting on site and use this water to wash the vehicles, lowering our water usage. This is really important as less than 1% of the world’s water is accessible or usable for our freshwater needs.  Biomass boilers have also been installed on site, where we burn waste wood and offcuts. This makes sure that no Oak goes to waste on site and we make the most of our product. The heat from the boiler is then used to heat the kilns where we air dry the Oak, giving our customers the dryest Oak possible. 

Solar panels have also been installed at the site in Shropshire, to supply green energy to our site and the machines we use. This subsequently lowers the sites demand for energy and our carbon footprint with the excess electricity being put back into the grid.