Here at Border Hardwood, we offer a full service for all of our customers. We offer a full grading drying and cutting service along with a sawn-to-size service available to the domestic market something no other sawmill offers. If you’re looking for oak timber, oak beams or oak planks, you are in the right place.


In-house grading

We offer all of our customers an in-house grading service to help them pick the right grade of oak for the purpose.

We are also licensed by TRADA (Timber Research And Development Association) to stress grade Oak to BS 5756, grades being THA D40, THB D30, TH1 D30 and TH2, thus giving you peace of mind that the Oak you are using is strong enough for the intended task.

If you would like to find out more, then have a look at our grading page or give us a call on 01939 235550.

Oak Planks loose cut joinery oak

Kiln dried Oak timber & Oak planks products

One of our main product lines include kiln dried European Oak. The primary grades are:

  • Prime grade (Knot free, Sap free, Very clean)
  • Joinery grade (Small sound knots, very small sap on one face)
  • Character grade (Medium sound knots allowed, a strip of sap on one face)
oak products

In-House sawn-to-size/Milling

We are one of the few remaining importers who still have an in-house sawmill. This gives us the flexibility to offer a very quick turnaround.

The modern stock systems for our customers are just in time not just in case.

Having our own milling facilities on site at our depot in Wem, Shropshire allows us to fine-tune our products. For example, if we were to stock a feather edge product through the summer it will distort and cup. As we cut our entire feather edge from stock, we can program this into our production schedule and supply an excellent flat cladding.

Many of our customers order sawn to size. We receive a specific cutting specification via email or on our online shop. Our team of skilled, dedicated sawyers will produce as per the ordered grade. As we cut in-house this gives us the flexibility of being able to reduce our availability on orders to within 24 hours from time of order.

Over the last few years, Border Hardwood has invested heavily in providing a more comprehensive service to our customers. By installing two planers, a Hundegger Beam Planer and a WeinigProfimat.we can dress timber from 18mm up to 400mm in size.

We always ensure that our dedicated team understand what our customers are after, what the timber is being used for, and ultimately, providing customer satisfaction.

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inhouse cutting oak Oak cutting and moving square cut oak marked

Environmentally Friendly. 

Border Hardwood takes environmental issues very seriously. Since 2016 we have been FSC® certified, supporting sustainable timber management practices. We have been PEFC™ certified for many years now and the vast majority of our Oak timber is sourced from renewable sources. All of our Oak is able to be supplied with a chain of custody certificate if requested on order. We ensure that we continue to support the replanting of the trees.