Burr / Pippy English Oak

Burr / Pippy English Oak – Perfect for Oak River Tables.

Oak table tops has been a very popular product. Mainly due to the popularity of the Oak river table. This is a process where resin is poured between the waney edges of the Oak slabs. The resin can be of any colour and gives a lovely result.

Burr Oak and Pippy Oak – specifically for the Oak table and river table market. Border Hardwood have invested heavily in the milling, drying and sourcing of these Oak logs.

We carry a large volume (300m3) of kiln dried Oak burr s and Pippy waney edges slabs. We have also invested in a table flattening machine. This allows us to produce 1.45m wide flat sanded fined table tops.

The standard thickness for the Burr Oak table tops is a 60mm nominal and finished thickness of 45-50mm.

The moisture content for the Oak resin burr Oak tops would be between 12-14%.

We also carry Walnut, Burr Walnut, Burr Ash, Burr Yew and many other species.

The Oak river tables and extra wide Oak table top markets have been a welcome addition to the core business.

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