English & Welsh Oak

Border Hardwood is the largest stockist in the UK for Oak Beams. English and Welsh Oak Beams are an important part of our business.

Border Hardwood Limited has always has band sawn and milling machines. Over the last decade we have installed three new sawing lines giving us the ability of milling home grown oak logs.

We stock kiln dried and air dried English and Welsh Oak. We can confirm the exact location where the English and Welsh Oak has come from. Having locally sourced logs reduces the carbon footprint of the product; it’s a part of our responsibility as an oak supplier which we take very seriously.

If it be for English Oak table tops or Architect specified English/Welsh Oak we have the stock.

We decided to emulate the sawn European Oak thickness and modernise what was an imperial measurement. The nominal thickness of the sawn plank is 100mm, 80mm, 65mm, 54mm, 41mm, 43mm, 27mm, and 20mm.

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