Full Profiling / Machining Services


Border Hardwood have 2 Hundegger 8 head planers. This allows us to machine up to 400mx320mm in one pass. With a maximum length capacity of 11m long.

Oak Flooring

The machine shop also has a number of 6 head moulding machines and spindle moulders. We carry hundreds of off the shelf moulding profiles. Grinding machines and sharpening shops all in house allow us to sharpen and produce our own profiles. This increases the portfolio of profiles and improves the quality control. All profiles are designed in-house with experienced staff who will draw and design the profiles. These then are signed off by the customer and our in house cutters makers go to work.

The state of the art newly installed 6-8 head moulders operated by experienced friendly staff produce a flawless machined/profiled product.


The quality control is also a serious business. From the procurement team, the sawyers, the machinists, the loaders, the drivers and the quality control staff the timber has been through many checks before the delivery is made.